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Introducing SunnaTan "Spray Tan Artist Certification" Program

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Following Our Proven 4 Step Process

Start Building Your Dreams Now & Claim Your *BLACK FRIDAY* 90% Discount On Our Spray Tan Certification!


"I fell in love with Sunna because of the flexibility. I'm able to travel and take time off when I want to. It's a perfect fit for me. I'm glad I took the leap!" *
Introducing SunnaTan "Spray Tan Artist Certification" Program


Following Our Proven 4 Step Process

Start Building Your Dreams Now & Claim Your 80% Discount On Our Spray Tan Certification!


"I fell in love with Sunna because of the flexibility. I'm able to travel and take time off when I want to. It's a perfect fit for me. I'm glad I took the leap!" *

SAVE 90%!

Our 4 Steps to Launch & Grow Your New Spray Tan Business
Step 1 - Certification
Learn at your own pace with easy to understand Online Video Lessons.

And earn your spray tan artist Certification from the comfort of your home.

Conveniently learn around your current schedule.
Step 2 - Equipment
After you complete the certification, you’ll need equipment to launch.

You’re in luck… we show you the right equipment you’ll need and how to get it at the lowest cost.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. With over 10 years in this industry, we know what works… and you will too.
Step 3 - Launch
Follow our plan laid out in the training and use the provided marketing materials...

As we show you how to start getting customers and...

Earning from the 6 Revenue Sources in your new Spray Tan Artist business.

We’ve taken out all the guesswork.
Step 4 - Support to Grow
Plug into our community of women just like you and get the support you need throughout the entire process.

We’re here to take you by the hand and teach you how to earn money from all 6 revenue sources with SunnaTan.
Ashley Loves the Multiple Revenue Sources
"Sunna has made it incredibly easy for me to make retail sales. Last year I made $50,000 from retail sales alone!" *
- Ashley

SAVE 90%!

Our Graduates Are Creating 5 & 6 Figure spray tan Businesses
If You Follow Our Plan, Here's What That Can Look Like...
click image to enlarge
Ready To Start Earning What You Deserve As A Spray Tan Artist?
...And Claim Your *BLACK FRIDAY* 90% Discount!

Why We Are Uniquely Qualified To Help You Launch & Grow Your Tanning Business

Brandi & Shannelle
Owners & Founders of SunnaTan
"Hi, I'm Shannelle! After both my parents had skin cancer I stopped going in the sun and tanning beds.

I was just like you, I was working several jobs until I found my passion, which was to give people glowing skin WITHOUT all the toxins.

This was the beginning of the SunnaTan brand over a decade ago!

After creating an organic natural product line made for sensitive skin, SunnaTan took off and became a booming 7-figure business

Women were approaching me wanting a piece of the action, so I figured out how to DUPLICATE my business into a business that anyone could do anywhere in the world! 

Brandi was one of my first students and she started her spray tan business in her basement. 

4 years later, she grew it to a 3 room beauty business with a team of 8 Airbrush Artists.

2 years ago she sold her biz & became a full time partner with SunnaTan, and is our lead educator.

After 10 years in business, we've now certified THOUSANDS of artists across North America and we are the fastest growing Sunless Tanning training business in the world!

We are so excited to bring this opportunity to you!"

SUNNATAN “Spray Tan Artist Certification” Makes All This Possible

Here’s Everything Included...
Online Training & Certification
($300 Value)
  • Finish your Certification in as little as 2 days!
  • ​10 years of experience with a proven business model.
  • We show you how to do everything from using the spray gun, to studio setup and how to run an appointment, to launching your business, and getting customers.
  • Lifetime access to modern online training: 29+ modules, 6+ downloads, 8+ videos.
  • We literally take you by the hand and help you set up your new spray tan business.
  • ​Your training website login is emailed to you immediately after purchase, so you can get started right away.
A sneak peek of what the training looks like...
Branding & Marketing Materials
($300 Value)
  • Using our launch materials, we will have you up & running online without having to create the materials yourself.
  • 1,500+ marketing materials.
  • Hundreds of gorgeous photos & graphics you can use for your social media.
  • ​Beautifully branded products.
  • An entire library of images and captions for retail, mobile & salon services.
  • ​​Including 40+ Instagram story slides and more!
Wholesale Product Pricing
($500 Value)
  • You'll get a special login to our website to access wholesale pricing on all equipment and products.
  • Get our luxury products at the lowest possible price that you can resell with 100% markup. (example: you pay $25, then sell it for $50)
  • ​Our products are made with natural & organic ingredients, and use sustainable packaging.
  • ​For use with all skin types/skin conditions with NO synthetic dyes, and are gluten free, and cruelty free.
Sunna Success LaunchPad
($300 Value)
  • After you complete your spray-tan certification, you will be granted access to the Launchpad!
  • Launchpad is a 30-day bootcamp.
  • Includes weekly challenges to grow your business.
  • ​You are completely supported to succeed!
Equipment starter Package Discount
($500 Value)
  • Right after you purchase the Spray Tan Certification Program, we’ll activate your $500 equipment package discount.
  • Since this equipment discount is so big, we can’t keep it available for very long. So make sure you take advantage of it.
Community Support
  • Like-minded women all working together so everyone succeeds, even you.
  • ​10 years of Facebook Group wisdom.
  • Case Studies & Online Library.
  • “Wikipedia” for tanning business.
  • We even include Live Webinars and Training.


And You'll Get...

  • Online Training & Certification ($300 Value)
  • Branding & Marketing Materials ($300 Value)
  • Wholesale Product Pricing ($500 Value)
  • ​Sunna Success LaunchPad ($300 Value)
  • Equipment Starter Package Discount ($500 Value)
  • Community Support (Priceless)

Total Value of $1,900!

Right here, right now, you get it all...

Only $97!

This is your Rare Opportunity To Learn, Get Certified, and get to know the business before you fully invest in your Spray Tan Equipment. Making it so much More Affordable to get started!

Sunna Inc. Offers A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
If after 30-days you're not satisfied with the training or materials you receive, simply email us and we'll give you a full refund.

some of our raving sunnatan graduates

"I would definitely recommend this course. There is all the information you would need plus the videos added the extra visual needed to be comfortable.
I absolutely love this company and how they go above and beyond with training to ensure all clients leave feeling amazing! This is a service I know will be very popular in my area and I can't wait to show off my new skills!"

- Ashley
"I really enjoyed the webinar that discussed the retail side of this business. At first I was very hesitant about selling retail and now I cannot wait to set up my new Instagram page and get started. It was very inspiring!
Absolutely, I would recommend this course. It far surpassed my expectations as far as an online course for something very much hands on, goes."

- Kate
"I have been sooo excited to offer my clients a sunless tanning option, as one of my focuses of my business is skin care and often educating on sun exposure and the dangers and effects it has on the skin! but now I get to give my ladies the glow they want without laying and baking in the sun risking skin damage wrinkles and skin cancer!"

- Danielle
"I would 100% recommend this course! Not only was it full of information for all aspects of the spray tan process, it was done by a group of women who made it fun to follow along and learn from. I started out knowing next to nothing about starting my own spray tanning business and I can honestly say I am super confident in myself to start now!
I really enjoyed the videos of the ladies who are already doing the biz and loving it. It made me excited to build the same relationships with my future clients and have so much fun with it. Now that I am certified, I am looking forward to getting my social media going to start reaching out and building my business! I just want to say thank you for doing what you guys do! I am impressed with all of the information, content and help that you guys consistently give, and the quality of products makes me so happy that I chose SunnaTan!"

- Justine
"I am excited to use quality vegan products and introduce a new form of art to my studio. The technique is what really captured me!"

- Rebecca

ready to change your life as a spray tan artist?

SAVE 90%!

we even have 6 Ways you can Earn Money using Our Spray Tan Artist Certification

Choose Just One... or As Many as you want!
They're all included in our certification course
#1 - At-Home or In-studio Tanning
See What Your Studio Can Look Like
Easy as popping up a tanning tent!
Appointment time slots are 30 minutes each.
Industry average is $50 per tan.
  • Work from home
  • Existing salon/spa space
  • Pop up Shop at different businesses
  • ​Rent your own space
Stephanie Loves Her Home Based Sunnatan Studio
"I've been very thankful that I haven't had to worry about any overhead so that to me is also another benefit about a SunnaTan home-based business." *
- Stephanie
#2 - Mobile Tanning
Set up your tanning space anywhere in less than 4 minutes!
Mobile tanning can be priced higher than the in-studio service.
  • Zero overhead
  • Low startup costs
  • Flexible hours
  • ​Run your biz from your car & your cell phone
Watch How Easy Leah Sets Up
Leah Loves Her Mobile Tanning Business
"I started my mobile business while working full time, and I've been able to grow my business around my life. I love the flexibility that my mobile spray tan business gives me. SunnaTan has been the reason for my success!"
- Leah
#3 - Tanning Parties
You could become "The Event Spray Tanner!"
Tanning Parties are a perfect way to make a bunch of money in one day.
  • 5 person tanning party = 2 hours of your time and earn a minimum of $200 *
  • Girls nights, bachelorette prep
  • Bridal parties
  • ​Grad parties... and more!
Athena's Customers Love The Experience
"My first client just fell in love with SunnaTan like instantly, she fell in love with the experience and just everything about it."
- Athena
#4 - In-Stock Retail Product Sales
Sell luxury before & after tan retail products your clients will love.
Natural & organic self-tanners, lotions, & tanning accessories.
  • Easily increase the money you make per customer with add-on products you sell from home
  • Get our luxury products at the lowest possible price that you resell with 100% markup
  • Selling one product to each client can make you an extra $12-$25 per appointment
  • ​Expect clients to rave about your new product line
#5 Drop Shipping Retail Product Sales
We'll ship products directly to your customer so you don't have to store products at home, if you don't want to.
  • We give you a special account with discounted wholesale pricing
  • You collect full retail price from your customers...
  • Then log into your wholesale account and place your customer's order at the lower wholesale price...
  • ​And you keep the difference
  • ​We take care of shipping the products to your customers so you can sit back and relax
Steph loves the affiliate money
"The affiliate link has made it possible to grow my business all over!" *
- Steph
#6 Affiliate Marketing
As easy as sending people to our website, and you get paid when they buy.
  • You get a special link that's assigned only to you
  • Share the link with anyone: family, friends, your Instagram followers
  • ​When anyone buys any of our products, you get paid
you can see why Our Graduates Are Creating 5 & 6 Figure Businesses
If You Follow Our Plan, Here's What That Can Look Like...
click image to enlarge

ready to Begin Your Career as a spray tan artist?

SAVE 90%!

Frequently asked questions

Q: After I buy the course, do you have equipment & starter kits?

A: YES! SunnaTan has all equipment, professional products & accessories at industry standard wholesale pricing. After you purchase the course, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase our most popular starter package, available today only at a special price. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in the package. You can make your investment back with only 16 clients as this package has enough solution to earn you $1,200 assuming each tan is sold at $50/tan.

Q: What is the cost of products to do the service? And how much money can I make?

A: With the SunnaTan process & client experience that we teach you (this is what makes us different and makes your clients coming back for more!) there are a mix of products used, including our signature solution, natural & organic balms, luxury lotions, shimmery after tan powder & more! Our SunnaTan spray tan artists typically find it costs them on average $10 to do a tan. If you charge $50 per tan, you are profiting $40 in a 20–30-minute appointment.

Q: Is this too hard to learn online?

A: When we first started over 10 years ago, spray tanning was hard to learn because there were no reputable trainings available. But nothing stops a woman on a mission! There was a lot of trial & error over the years to perfect our process. As most trainers do, we learned the most from our students! We developed our 5 star online training program after training thousands of spray tan artists. We know the exact questions to answer & common pitfalls to avoid. Our online training was put to the test last spring when we moved our training exclusively online. To our surprise, our trainees absorbed & learned more than in person training! What used to take our students weeks to learn can now easily be learned in less than 2 days.

Q: But isn't spray tanning super messy?

A: While spray tanning can have a bad wrap for being messy, staining & smelling up your space; you haven’t experienced the difference with SunnaTan! All natural ingredients and bronzers make clean up a breeze. All you need is warm water & mild soap. Because our formulation doesn’t have dyes, it doesn’t stain! And because our professional solutions are fragrance free (scented naturally with vanilla fruit water), after doing back to back clients, you won’t have to worry about lingering fragrance for your scent sensitive customers. We’ll also teach you how to reduce overspray with our tried and tested insider tips & tricks.

Q: Is there a real demand for spray tanning?

A: The sunless tanning industry is booming! Who doesn’t love glowing skin! Every Insta worthy photo NEEDS a spray tan. Spray tanning is the new must have beauty essential for any skin loving, health conscious person.
Pinterest announced the 2021 trend of the year as Skinimalism. Natural, glowing skin is in. Nothing camouflages imperfections like a spray tan. If your clients are obsessed with clean beauty and looking naturally radiant, they will be lining up for your SunnaTan spray tans. Give your clients what they want - to look effortless, even when it’s not.
* Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to starting a successful sunless tanning business.
Results are not guaranteed. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy - Warranty & Returns