Unlock All 6 Revenue Streams With The Sunless Tanning Business In A Box!

The Sunless Tanning Boss Success System Is Everything You'll Need to Launch Your New Beauty Business

Welcome to SunnaTan! 

We are so excited that you're here and we hope you join our thriving community, and the other Sunna Sisters, who are in financial abundance with their sunless tanning business.

The first step is creating a lucrative income doing what you love.

The next step is about creating a business where you have the flexibility and the time to ENJOY life!

We are so proud of all of our Sunna Sisters, and we can't wait for you to embark on this journey with us! 

Earn $5K/month Working Only 20 Hours Per Week!


We are redefining success for women all over the world.

Because success doesn't just come from money in the bank, although that is a HUGE piece of the puzzle.

It comes from creating a business that you are passionate about! Where you wake up every day excited about serving your clients, having fun working your business, and knowing that you are contributing to the world in a positive way!

Money PLUS Happiness = Success!

And we are here for it!

The Beauty Industry Is Strong In Any Economy!

Women always want to feel beautiful, especially when the economy is uncertain

Some of the biggest empires are created in a "down" economy.

And many of those empires are in the beauty business!


Because women ESPECIALLY want to feel beautiful when everything around them looks ugly.

Women will always prioritize FEELING PRETTY over anything else.

And it is SO FULFILLING to be on the "inside" of this growing industry. As a Sunless Tanning Boss, you will be earning good money by making other women feel beautiful!

There's nothing better than this!

Sunna Has 6 Ways For Your To Make Money!

YOU are a Social Media Influencer - Make money without needing tens of thousands of followers or a website.

YOU can be an e-com boss – without spending money on inventory, warehousing, office supplies.

Upselling Retail – earn profit from selling luxury retail products to your clients

Service offering: in-home / in-studio selling the tans for ~$50/tan

Service offering: mobile - selling the tans for ~$65/tan

Tanning Parties: wedding parties, girl gangs, girls night in

How Athena from Victoria BC paid off her SunnaTan initial investment

My first client just fell in love with SunnaTan like instantly,  she fell in love with the experience and just everything about it and she's still one of my clients to this day which is super super amazing.


Why Stephanie from Red Deer AB loves her home based SunnaTan studio

I've been very thankful that i haven't  had to worry about any overhead so that to me is also another benefit about a home-based business...


 You are a Social Media Influencer – Everyone’s a social media influencer.

 You have a network/family/friends that love, trust and want to support you.

 Become an E-Com Boss

 Learn how to drop ship!

 Retail Sales, Upsell to your service

 You have it in hand, on your shelves.

 In-Home Tanning

 Do you have a Spare bedroom collecting dust & clutter? It can make you money!

 Mobile Tanning

 Work 12 hours a week, make $5,000/month

 Host Tanning Parties

 Host a 5 person tanning party – 2 hours of your time. 

6 Revenue Streams | Choose 1, 2 or all 6! The choice is yours.

How do you want to run your sunless tanning business?

Why Annie, from Kelowna BC loves the flexibility of her SunnaTan business

I fell in love with Sunna because of the flexibility. I'm able to travel and take time off when I want to. It's a perfect fit for me. I'm glad I took the leap!


How Ashley from Medicine Hat AB was able to sell $50,000 in SunnaTan retail products

"Sunna has made it incredibly easy for me to make retail sales. Last year I made $50,000 from retail sales alone!"



To achieve success in the beauty industry you need these 4 things. And Sunna has them all.

Business in a Box

We have everything a start-up business needs to succeed, proven by 10 years of business success:

 The Right Products – natural & organic products that work

 Every ingredient has a purpose

 No synthetic dyes

 Leaders in vegan & natural beauty

 Made for all skin types/skin conditions

 Branding Resources - We have years of social media material you can use & add your own personality to.

Why Leah from Calgary AB loves her SunnaTan Mobile Tanning Business

I started my mobile business while working full time, and I've been able to grow my business around my life. I love the flexibility that my mobile spray tan business gives me. SunnaTan has been the reason for my success!


Maria from Barrie ON shares why she loves the SunnaTan community

I get up every day looking forward to lifting up my SunnaTan Sisters! This is the place to be!


What Stephanie from Niverville MB loves about being a Sunna Sister

The best girl gang ever! The social media content is incredible. The affiliate link has made it possible to grow my business all over Canada!


Sunna Sisterhood

 Community of likeminded women

 Women that want to see you succeed

 Ongoing support from your Sunna sisters

 Live webinars and trainings and learning from each other   

You are on your way to becoming a sunless tanning boss.

 This is unlike any other programs

 We are a totally different tanning company.

 We have multiple brands & revenue streams.

 At SunnaTan, you are not just “another customer” to us.

 You are family. We are invested in your success.


Complete Tanning Package

 Fuji Mini Gun

 3 pack Fuji Cups

 Pop-Up Tanning Tent

 2x Advanced SunnaTan Solution 1L

 Hydrate Me Lotion 8oz 

 Basic Balm 16oz   

 Lip Butter    

 Lip Wands     

 Powder Me    

 3x Powder Brush

 3x Blending Brush

 Training Cards

 50x Foot Stickies   

 Post Tan Cards  



 5 star online training

 25+ Modules

 5+ Downloads

 5+ Videos etc


Retail Package

 Colour Me Dark Mousse   

 Tanning Mitt   

 Exfoliating Mitt   

 Hydrate Me Lotion  


Affiliate Link

 Online Store Monthly Fees

 Web designer/ developer   

 Carrying Products

 Shipping Products



 Shipping labour

 Shipping Supplies


 Buying Product

 Storing product


Branding & Marketing

Add your own creative freedom:

 Marketing Materials

 Hundreds of gorgeous photos you can use for your Social Media

 Social Media Posts & Graphics   

 Beautifully branded products



Community Support

 10 years of Facebook Group wisdom

 Case studies & online library

 “Wikipedia” for Tanning business   

 Resources, wisdom, advice, community

 It collapses time & accelerates success


Coaching with Denise

 30 Minute Virtual Coaching Session with Denise   

VALUE $45,317




Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to starting a successful sunless tanning business.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the presentation, a program will be offered for purchase.
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